Having the heart to give back is required in my art journey. I don't believe I got this far without the faith, support and hand of others. Some may say they don't have nothing to "give" but I disagree. It's always something you can do to show your support and give back to the community. While I am not financially stable enough to throw money at every charity, cause or foundation I think has impactful missions, I do have a God-given talent that I can use to create for a cause. 

#CreateACure is a small project I've been working on to support the fight again breast cancer. October is Breast Cancer Awareness months and I thought it'd be a perfect time to put my heart in use. After days of detailing, the Create A Cure poster is completed. The poster is a representation of all the strong women battling breast cancer and those who may have lost their battle to cancer. The woman I created has only one breast - this is the outcome of a mastectomy, which is the removal of the breast tissues. There are different types of mastectomy surgery including a total mastectomy which is complete removal of the breast and nipple and subcutaneous mastectomy which is keeps the nipple intact. I'm no doctor or cancer expert, I just try to educate myself as much as possible from people who've undergone these surgeries so for facts you can also look up more on BreastCancer.org. The poster also include a vibrant pink ribbon which is worn in support of breast cancer. This is my first time in awhile creating a woman and not putting a fro on her but I wanted to create a piece that was relevant to those effect by breast cancer and allow them to see themselves in the painted queen. 

The point of this project is for me to raise money for a breast cancer foundation mainly one that are for woman of color. All profit from poster sales will be used in their project which means I will not make a dime from this project. I want to be clear that it takes money for me to create prints and send them out, so yes no money will be pocketed by little ole me. I haven't chosen the foundation I want to donate to just yet. I'm reviewing a few options and will have one before the end of the month. I'm also excited about the package I will be including with the posters, including ribbons, fact cards and stickers. I want this to be something more than just a art piece for your walls. With that being said please reach out to me if you are or know someone who is a survivor, currently battling or have lost someone to breast cancer. I want to make sure I personalize each package to your needs. Also if you have a foundation in mind that you want to me to consider please please share. Email me at ArtandAmbition@gmail.com. 

Posters will be available in 8x10 and 16x20 starting Sunday October 4th. 


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