Canal Walking with The Last Kane

At times I truly fall in love with the city of Richmond all over again. It's when I take scrolls through the city and admire the millions of murals painted on buildings old and new. A few weekends ago I took a long detour around the Richmond Folk Festival to go enjoy the murals down at the Canal Walk. I met Ed Trask in 2012 while interning at the Visual Arts Center of Richmond and remember him telling me about the RVA Street Art Festival. Weirdly I was out watching the creation during 2014 but later visited the 2012 murals. I don't know all of the artist but have ran across the talented Hamilton Glass (@Hamglass) murals just about everywhere and of course POSE (@tenderj) colorful creations around the city... 
Thanks Dathan for walking miles with me

Here's the time lapse from the actual creation of the mural back in 2012..
RVA Street Art Festival

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