'Tis the season...

It's almost that time of year! Christmas has to be my favorite holiday because its all about giving, loving and family! As far away as I am from majority of my family I still believe in showing that love and Christmas is that one time a year I can really be around my family without work on my mind. As my artist profile grows and my work gaining a higher demand, I knew Christmas Cards would be the best way to go. 

I think this is the biggest and best project I've had this year so far. It only took me three weeks to paint, design and print the cards. Maybe because I refuse to fail, I worked every single day on this project, the first I've ever did with a project. Whoever said that having a lot of work was best lied... It's about quality and I will never put out work that isn't up to par with my expected quality. If that means I'll have a few sleepless nights, a couple of hours a week spent at the print shop perfect each and every print than so be it! The actual designs I created are things that make me smile and screams Happy Holidays. The biggest struggle with this project was getting people to understand that trying to hit every aspect of the holiday seasons would be hard, not impossible but hard with me working on other projects. I promise as I grow and Art & Ambition gains more hands on support than more production work that everyone can relate to will be created. Until then my 4 designs are strong, bold & me! Yes, I have positive African American woman figures and Fros, because that's just how I see myself and wouldn't have it no other way. Currently you can purchase your set of cards on my Etsy shop. I tried to do multiple options so that customizing orders wouldn't overwhelm me.  Shop now and I look forward to extending the collection in 2016!

Each card is high quality full color printed on a gloss paper with a matte inside that makes it easy for writing your own message! The original paintings are on 9x12 panels using acrylic and watercolor paint. After finishing the paintings I took pictures of them with my phone (nothing fancy) in natural light and pulled the pictures into Photoshop. For a week I dragged each card design back and forth between Photoshop and Illustrator, touching up areas and perfecting the illustration of the artwork. I then sent the files to my local Office Depot, the only place I print since I've become a regular and have my own print specialist there now. It took another week of going up to the print doing samples and fixing small color issues until we finally got the cards perfected! I also get asked how to do prints and its something that an artist have to figure out the best process for them. Feel free to email me if you have a detailed question about how I create my prints, I don't mind giving a few pointers. I really pride myself in being a jack of all trades and being able to pull of such a detailed project that I created from scratch all way down to a mini "photoshoot" all done by me. One lesson from being an artrepreneur is learning how to be self sufficient and using every skill I have without paying someone else to do so. If you don't have the skill YouTube is full of DIY!!  

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