Say No to Customs

The hardest thing for people outside of the artist community to understand is that every artist is different. We come in a large variety from commission artist to gallery artist. I'm more of a unicorn artist... I don't fit into one category but dabble in all types. My biggest struggle I've found is trying to explain to someone that I am not here for commission and custom pieces. I am a selfish artist and I do not apologize for that. I create art on subject matters, ideas and lifestyles that are relevant to my life. I feel like I use 'relevant' a lot but that's what I am.. an artist that only does work relevant to my lifestyle. It took me years to get comfortable with showcasing my art and finding a style thats unique to me and getting overwhelmed with custom orders that do not creatively fulfill me is not what I agreed to. Its not that I just want to be the wicked witch and turn down ideas and work that someone is willing to pay me for, but I'm just not going to sacrifice my happiness I have with creating for a few dollars. And by a few dollars, I mean a few dollars because when I say a custom piece is going to start a $100 I instantly get the side eye. Most important I'm not up for losing myself by focusing on creating for others right now. This is not saying I'll never do a commission piece but as of right now if its a random subject I can't give energy to it. As I grow in my art journey and start meeting artist from all over who have more experience than me I'm learning over and over to not lose myself in custom orders. In the sensitive world we live in saying "no" to a custom order gets you unfollowed instead of being understood and seen as a person who has dreams and goals too.. Maybe I need to make it clear that my end goal is not to be the biggest artist or known for my art at all. I'm about inspiring others, building up the art community and helping others on their journey and unfortunately painting a piece of Rob's black cat is not going to get me there, we're being honest right?   
Now let me focus on the time part. I work part time 30hrs a week. I have on average 9orders to prep and send out a week. I also have to constantly work on my own work plus prep for any upcoming shows and of course have time to sleep, eat, twist my hair and breathe. Now I have to squeeze your custom $170 piece in between my daily activities that you want in 3 days that I already told you was not going to happen but yeah... This is how the scenario goes and where I find myself today, turning down every commission order that comes my way. 

Until I change my life around, Addie is close for customs. But please enjoy shopping some originals and prints from the Etsy shop. 



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