All roads lead to Art Basel Miami

I received a message around March 2015 about partnering with Txture Magazine. I was certainly surprise that a magazine based in Charlotte would even know of Addie Rawr (Instagram does pays off). Posting daily, following others in the industry I would like to be part of and just being friendly all put me in a position that has opened many doors. It was a perfect match, me an artist that specialize in natural hair art and Txture Magazine a natural hair magazine! We discussed  a lot and honestly being a solo dolo artrepreneur and having a ridiculous personal life I got tied up to the point I completely forgot they reached out to me. Thank God they didn't forget about me and the beautiful CEO reached out to me in October again about doing Art Basel. It was during one of my most busiest month but I could not turn down the opportunity. Art Basel is the biggest art event in my eyes on the east cost based in Miami. I've been following the shows for two years and knew some way I had to make my schedule open to go. Not only would I be able to network like crazy, but show off my work and have mini vacation all in one. Having two months to plan everything wasn't enough time normally but I put sleep on hold (which i love way too much) and did my researched, booked my hotel and devised a plan to get to Miami. Most artists I seen started Go Fund Me accounts (not throwing shade) but I just don't feel good about asking for donation when I'm an amazing artist that rather sale my work. So I went into overdrive, created the Christmas Doll Collection (selling 300plus cards) and also put my money aside I made from the two shows I had in October (RVA Fall Fashion Week Art & Jewelry Show and CANfestival post coming soon...) It takes discipline to save up art money and put it directly back into my art career but thats what it takes to be successful. Best method I found was getting a mason jar and throwing all the cash I made into it and transferring all my PayPal profit to my business bank account.  Then I began my Untitled Series ... 

Tips on Networking

  • Don't stay just in one industry
    'm an artist/designer however I hang out at fashion, hair and beauty events too. It's not all about sticking to just art shows, never know who you'll meet at other events that you create art for. 
  • Use Social Media
    Abuse your Instagram and Tumblr. I don't mean post every 5 mins (don't be annoying) but post consistently. No one will remember a person who pops up every few months. I post progress pictures of my work, some like to keep their process a secret find what works for you.
  • Don't be afraid to speak first
    I dive in DMs and comment! I reach out to artist I admire, people who inspire me and artist I'd love to work with. Have confident in showing your work to others never know who they may know.
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