From Full time to Part time to Real time

I never worked a full time, well thats until I graduated from college and had bills, rent, and student loans to pay. I was always able to get by with going to school and working a weekend job to make enough money to eat out, grab drinks and look decent. But after May 2013 I jumped right into a full time position at a call center (for the best company ever). It wasn't ideal, had nothing to do with my degree but it did the job. I worked 40 hours for 1 year and 7 months. I counted down the days and amount of time I wasted not being true to my passion. Every day when I got off my 10 hour shift I would pray and really ask God to give me the strength to walk away from working just to pay a bill. Whoever said life was more than paying bills and working for someone else was right. It took the last 6 months of working a 10 hour shift for me get fed up with turning down art shows, missing network events and feeling out of the loop in the art industry. The hardest decision was money of course. Having to cut my hours meant a lifestyle change with my expense. I couldn't just eat out every week or go lipstick shopping randomly anymore.  My first day as a full time artist I grabbed my dry erase calendar out the corner and created my first GOALS FOR THE MONTH list:

- Participate in at least 2 art shows
- Create a fun way to save
- Pay your car note all on art sales
- Recreate your website / Build better online presence
- Network! Network! Network!

I've only been working part-time for two weeks now. The best two weeks I've had in a long time. I can finally breathe easy when I come home to multiple emails, orders to process and Michael's sale paper in my mailbox. I believe in God and really stress how you can get blessed when less expected but when its most needed. Right after going part time I got a promotion at my job meaning more pay! On the art side I began to succeed my own goal and grabbed 4 art shows in just a week of opening my schedule again! It hit me way too hard in a good way. I realized that a year of feeling drained and unhappy but still busting my chops at working, creating, sleeping and trying to stay relevant I was able to see the sunshine in the dark clouds. I know its just the beginning and things will have some twists and turns but I'm more than ready for them. 


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