Going on my "Quarter Century" bucket list is participating in a carnival. Dressed head to toe in full carnival costume. Lately I've been a little obsessed with the feather, colors and bejeweled bras. If you know me you know how I feel about Rihanna and surprisingly her Barbados Carnival costume this year just blew me away. Every year she looks stunning in her carnival wear but this year, lawd! (sidenote: I am not a Rihanna fan, BeyHive all day) So after hours of staring at her by choice of her showing up every other picture on my Tumblr dash I decided to take a jab at it. No I'm not painting Rihanna but yes I was inspired greatly by her!

My Carnival Doll will be adding a nice flirty colorful pop to the collection of Dolls. I'm using different shades of blues and purples acrylic paint that I mixed myself. I usually mix with Mixing White or a lighter shade of the color I want to see. I want to emphasis on the texture of the features and details of the outfits. Never though I'd like anything bejeweled but I'm pretty excited about creating this bra. I'm still debating on hair and headpiece so for now I'm saving those for last. Last night I worked on the first layer of feathers. I found the ugliest oldest brush I could find to create the hair effect on the feathers. I actually messed up on the shoulder so I decided to just bring out the feathers to flow on her right shoulder. Usually when I'm being clumsy and trying to stuff my face and paint I spill colors everywhere and have to figure out a way to make them work where they landed. Don't stare too long at the hand, I'm still working on drawing hands and hers is looking pretty ugly right now. I'm not even halfway done with creating her because of course I have to add my signature gold detailing. Oh yeah and I am loyal to my  Sharpie Oil Paint Markers for outlines. The only thing I've ever used to great nearly perfect lines since I don't have a steady hand and a brush just doesn't do it for me. For now, enjoy the process! I'll continue to post pictures on my IG. 

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