Season of waiting ...

Today in service we discuss being "patient and productive" in the season of waiting for your blessing. Being an artist is a patient career choice. We all define success differently so just generally speaking it takes a lot of waiting to get where we want to be. Me personally I have goals and dreams that doesn't include monetary profit. Because of that I know that it will take a certain level of dedication and "waiting" that is hard to not only explain but to expect from all artists. Just a little back story on my life: I am a college graduate with a degree in Creative Advertising and have never worked a job in that field. I have more working experience in arts than advertising so me finding a job to correspond to my degree is already a reach. I also live in a city that I have a love hate relationship with. It's where I create my work and the foundation of my art reputation. Richmond isn't my hometown so I don't care for the city like those who call this place home. But while still waiting for whatever my journey takes me I've achieved more in my 711 sq ft apartment than I would have back in my hometown. 

When I first started my art journey it was slow and still is at times. There were times when I really thought that I was taking a big risk that was pretty stupid and needed to give myself a reality check. I never sat myself down and told myself to quit, mainly because I had this faith that things were going to work out. I wasn't happy just sitting around waiting for things to blossom and that what I thought was amazing work wasn't getting any attention. I believed that all my hard work, volunteering and drive would just magically produce the results I wanted without no wait time. I think that's where a lot of artist need to humble themselves and realize that no matter how awesome your work is, how many people you know, how great of a person you are that you still have to work and not the bare minimum but that work that requires limited sleep  and fun nights out. 

Its been 9 months since I've had an art show. 9 months of working nightly on perfecting my craft, trying new things, learning about building my brand, and networking. 9 months of attending art shows and being asked whens my next one and having to tell others that it wasn't my time. It was by force not choice that I had to sit out 9 months of actively showing my art work around the world. I had to turn down about 8 opportunities. Between my work schedule, my personal life and my financial situation I just couldn't do that things I not only wanted to do but knew I was capable of doing. One thing that separate me from a lot of "struggling" artist. I didn't let that downtime be downtime. I opened up my Etsy shop and started creating prints of a lot of my original paintings. I created an online presence for myself that I didn't have before. I was able to take my season of waiting and create a season of growing! I even created this whole website by myself in the down time! Now I'm slowly coming into a time of being able to do shows again and I'm excited to do my first show in 9 months next weekend! If you're in the area, come out and support! 

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