New Year, Same Ambition

Oh hey 2016

Yes I'm a little behind but not because I wasn't ready, more like I was too ready and been on full throttled since the clock strike midnight. Last year was an amazing year of new goals, opportunities of a lifetime, dramatic change and positive energy. Jan 1st 2016 I sat and counted December numbers. I will not say exactly how much I made in sales, but it was enough to pay my rent, car note, insurance and my student loans for two months. I cried alligator tears! I thought it was going to take me forever to reach the point of where my art was the larger income. This goes back to my biggest accomplishment of the year - my full time to part time transition. Since I've graduated college I've been looking for my degree to put me in a position where I didn't have to work a regular job. Even though I took on a job irrelevant to my passion it was necessary and the sacrifice many of us take to pay bills nowadays. After being a graduate for 2 years and 4 months I was able to step down as a full time employer for someone else and become a full time artist for myself. I really fought myself with this decision trying to figure out how the heck I was going to survive on a part time paycheck but there's this thing called faith and belief that everything will work itself out. So after being a full time artist of 4 months, I made numbers that put my part time into a "optional" category. There are other experience in 2015 that really took me over the top such as Art Basel (which I'll be sharing the trip soon), my Medusa t-shirt drop, release of Christmas Dolls Card Collection, and mainly became an inspiration to thousands all over the states.

I'm looking at 2016 as a year of brand expansion and sharing my gift in new ways. Here's a short list of my goals for upcoming months:

  • Zodiac Card collection
  • Valentines (love) Card collection (GOOD Friday inspired) 
  • Mugs, Calendars, Journals
  • Mothers Day, Fathers Day
  • Non-profit, charitable event 
My go to journal .. You can purchase other items to keep you on track at

My go to journal .. You can purchase other items to keep you on track at

At the young tender age of 24 I've learned its not the goals thats important but how one will accomplish them. Plans are needed and should be written down just so you can have your thoughts in orders and see them visually. We easily slip into this fantasy world of listing long term goals on short term goal lists and get upset when they're not completed. I find it best to split the year in half and try to tackle the first 6 months before thinking about the latter half. I've built so much self encouragement and love by recognizing how I tried and did everything to achieve a particular goal. Whether it's met or not I know that I worked my butt off and did exactly what I planned to do and that the results do not define my success. So about that list:

  • Get a high res large format printer to create my own prints
  • Collaborate with other artist, designers, upcoming business and entrepreneurs
  • Travel and share art in all places I travel to
  • Meet up with other artist, art supporters
  • Bulk order shipping supplies
  • Practice handwriting and illustration skills
  • Get a camera
  • Set up in home work space
  • Read more, learn more  

I'm pretty ready for this upcoming year. I'm more prepared than ever and really have good feelings about what's about to happen. Good year and best wishes to all!

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