More than just an artist

My name has always been quoted as "Addie the Artist".

I never intended to be just an artist. When I first starting sharing my work, it was more of a way to just showcase a talent I've always kept so private. As the years went on my subject matter changed in many ways. More clothes, less facial details and bigger hair lol. I literally went form Drake to Erykah Badu in just 2 years. Here I am now, 24 years old and I see myself as an inspirational person for young women all over the world.


I know I speak a lot of doing art because I love it not for the money. I say it so much because I want to remind a person every time they purchase an item from me, or a share a piece of my work with a friend that they are helping me accomplish my goal of not being a rich artist, but rich in positivity! For this is the main reason why I turned down a lot of events, hundreds of commission offers and can't pull myself to respond to someone of the comments that demand me to change how my Dolls look. I paint the color of my skin, not because I have hate for other skin colors, I just love mine. I dress my Dolls in clothing I own or want to own. My fros are a simple of natural untouched beauty, but I have no personal issue with straight hair, curly hair, short hair of bald heads. 

I want to be firm when I say that my work is my heart! It's me giving a little piece of my soul to each and every one of my customers. If anyone has purchased from me one thing they can honestly say is that Addie cares. It's more than just a transactions that I don't think twice about. I love knowing where my art is being hung, see how it looks on one's wall, the response others give when seeing it and how it has positively impacted a life. My customers sharing their stories, pictures and feedback lets me know that I am slowly reaching my dream. I think some people get so caught up in the money, the fame that they forget that art can change lives if we let it. If you're an artist, ask yourself "what are you doing for others?" People always complain about how rappers, actors and "the government" do things just for money that they neglect the fact we are all human and we can all be doing something besides chasing coins. So the next time you click my shop link or even share one of my pieces please let it be for the right reasons. Help me spread positive light on such a dark time we're living in.  

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