2016 Black Owned Businesses Holiday Shopping List

Happy Thanksgiving all!! As we're giving thanks to everything that has come this year and for more blessed years to come, I want to thank my supporters for an amazing year thus far! Over the year I've connected with hundreds of business owners, artists, creatives and innovators from all over the world (literally, shout out to my International loves). When I first started out as an artist, I was all about self and creating a brand and future only for my own good, but day by day, I've unconsciously started to become a liaison for creative events, exclusive brands and unique collaborations. It's natural to be afraid of sharing our knowledge and showcasing others' works while we're building our own brand, in fear that someone's success may overshadow our own. Outgrowing that mindset has been my focus for the last 6 months, and in return I've been able to become my self, a better artist, mentor to aspiring artists and an inspiration to many.

As my thanks to all whom have supported me through purchases, likes, re-blogs or simply by just words of encouragement, I want to share a growing list of Black Owned Businesses to support this holiday season. I believe that in the black community, it can be hard to find businesses to support from the lack of exposure or resource so I wanted to create a list that can serve as a directory. If you would like for your business to be featured, please send your information, as this list will be updated every Wednesday for the next 3 weeks.   




Beauty/Self Care



Food / Treats


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