Inner Beauty

I'm back and another year older! I use to take offense to the comments of me not looking my age. When I was 18 people asked what middle school I was attending. At 21 I still got carded to see Rated R movies. Now at 25 (I'm still not use to saying it yet) I'm loving that I don't look like it. And because I'm a very proud African American woman, I'll be 25 for the next 25 years (yas Melanie)! Okay, now to the actual point I wrote this blog. I get asked many times a week why I paint my dolls without facial features or in my customers' word "why no face?" 

Let me start by the social standards of outer beauty. There are so many arguments on whats attractive. Slim nose on white girls, wide nose on black girls. Blue eyes versus hazel eyes, perfect plucked eyebrows, forehead sizes. They are all critiqued by the world and then rated on what's the most attractive. There's so much focus on every facial details that in my opinion it takes away from a person personality, their inner beauty. In my case, it takes away from my message in all my pieces. When I creating I'm thinking how is this going to make a woman fall in love with herself. Honestly, it goes back to my carefree attitude of not needing to please every single person in  the world - I'm not here for that. At one of my shows last year a young girl, maybe around the age 8, looked at my Yoga painting, turned to her mother and said "that me!" Tears could've came running down my eyes but I was in public and crying in front of people takes away from my gangsterness (just kidding). Anyways, at that moment, I realize that I didn't need to add these drastic stereotypic features to make my audience see themselves. If a child can get what I'm trying to do so should my very questionable adult spectators. 

The thing about beauty is that it doesn't have a face. Having a beautiful soul has nothing at all to do with your appearance.  As I get older I realize that self love is the most important love in our social relationships. Outside of my artwork, I try to instill the mindset of loving thyself. If I wasn't an artist, I'd be a life coach (or something of the sort). I say all the time that my art is for woman to recognize their worth and for men to learn to respect it. A beautiful soul should be respected no matter how it looks on the outside. I just want my supporters to stop focusing so much on how I don't draw faces (because I'm actually capable of drawing any facial feature) and see the beauty in my work. I want to change the outlook of my work. Instead of focusing on what's not there, how about looking at what it shows, the feeling it gives and the representation it holds. 

If you don't know how to fall in love with yourself and art just doesn't do it for you (weird that you're on my website) but here's 40 Ways to Fall In Love With Yourself

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