Oh hey Spring, glad you're back!

Finally 7pm marks night time and I can finally sit outside Starbucks to do work! Spring where have you been all my life and where can I move where I don't ever have to leave you again?! I can't believe I'm starting my Spring with a move. No where far (I kinda wish) but to bigger space. I really have reached that breaking point with my apartment. Every few days UPS is dropping off another box of mugs, notebooks or whatever else I decided to randomly order one time while going through my promotional emails (If you don't check that folder in your GMail please start! It's the best thing eva). I tried to walk into my front door a week ago and was stopped by the massive amount of supplies and inventory. I walked to my leasing office only because I was annoyed at the number of canvases I racked up on at Michaels with their 70% off sale and ended up leaving with a new apartment and a move in date 30 days away, 

I think as a teenager I took for guaranteed what Spring was really about. It's the best season to really start over in a different way. Not really from scratch but to start making those major movies. Whether its taking that trip you've been planning for months, or applying for that art show you've visited every year. We wait all year for the Spring so that we can go hard with branding ourselves, networking and showcasing our work. I say go for it! Don't look back and push until winter returns when you can snuggle back in your cubby hole (at least that's what I do). When Drake said "plotting on the low, scheming on the low" he was talking about me! Or you! That's what my whole winter consist of, writing long lists, saving funds and testing products. Plotting on places I need to market to, scheming on ways to continue to be different than the rest. 

If you are waiting around to figure out when's the time to get involved start now! I was having a conversation with my oldest brother today and he reminded me that it's for me to start back traveling and doing more events. Last year I took 7 months out of the year to remain behind the scene. I didn't do pop up shops or any showings. I build my online presence and worked on my business internally. But Spring 2016 is all about letting it all hang out. Taking a break is necessary but being active is just as necessary to grow. 

*** to be honest, I wrote this 3/30 and I don't remember where I was going with this lol. I'm posting because I don't want it to go to waste, maybe I'll remember and finish later. 




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