When Life Gives You Lemons...

So King Bey dropped her album and I'm so here for it. Besides that I wanted to address a few "obstacles" a good number of my supporters have asked me about lately. I know I may have talked privately about these with a few of you but I wanted to dedicate a blog talking about things that we all face in our journey. 

No Support
This is probably the biggest problem we all face when following our dreams/passion is not having an adequate amount of support. Especially in becoming an artrepreneur its hard to find family  and friends who believe you can truly make a living off your craft. You stand in a crowd of everyone else getting master degrees and working full time jobs and all you're daydreaming about is turning your passion into a paycheck I've learned that people of your past or present life may have to sit to the side during the early stages of developing into an entrepreneur. Try to find others who have the same goals as you. That artist you met at the last show give him a call.  The ones who you speak to through comments and admire from a far, reach out to in a private DM. Don't be afraid you'll be surprise to know they've been longing for someone to vent their problems to as well.

No Business Background
So you're ready to dive into being your own boss. You have the skills, the drive and the time but you have no clue where to start. You don't know much about managing a business and your math skills are off. Take a deep breath! There's this thing called Goggle! Seriously look up everything. Since my formal education was in Creative Advertising and Business, I had an established foundation with how to brand and write out a business plan. I know everyone didn't graduate from the best school ever (VCU I love you but hate your debt) but we all have education in something. Use what you know then add to it. I educated myself about the art world by stalking "famous" artist's IGs, personal blogs and websites. I watched so many YouTube videos of DIY projects. I read books about entrepreneurs' lifestyles. I talked to people who had their own business. Whatever industry you're trying to break into I'm positive there's a book, website, meetup group or YouTube channel dedicated to telling someone's true story. This is the part where you family/friends may come in handy. I'm sure you have a guy friend who majored in Business, Marking or Branding *cmon I know you do*. If you don't go down to a local barbershop, boutique or bakery and talk to the owner! It's time consuming, I know but remember you said you were ready and had all this extra free time. If you ever DM'ed or emailed me you know I'm pretty open with giving advice and talking about my process. I recommend stores, websites and events almost twice a day. If you want to ask me anything just use the contact button at the top of this page! 

I Have REAL Bills
I think this was my hardest mental challenge to overcome. I knew I didn't want to be part of the corporate world but I didn't want to be a struggling artist either. Like majority of people my age we have student loan debt, trying to get our first real car and purchasing a house (or first apartment). Our passion isn't generating income as fast as bills are piling up. If you're as prideful as I am, asking for help isn't an option. My parents have given up on trying to help me because they know my answer will always be "I'm fine" On a personal note, I've been on my own since I was 17 (my parents are amazing and moved to another state for work). It was probably the best thing to happen to me because it pushed me to be an adult and take care of business. Since then I've paid all my bills myself and I'm always open to help family and friends if asked. God also blessed me with a flexible well paying job that allows me to balance being a full time artist. Find a job that works with what you want to do, something that doesn't drain you and a company with great benefits. The other thing I had to do was cut back on unnecessary spending. Shopping weekly was cut short. I haven't taken a formal vacation ... almost ever (can't really count Miami since that was for business). Partying was eliminated and I invest in better nail polish to limit my nail salon visits. Sacrifice is the name of this game and if you want to be successful you have to be ready to play. My closet has been stuck on 2014 trends for the most part but you learn to work with what you have. Another habit I picked up on is checking my promotion tab in my GMail. We all overlook it but you'll be surprise on how many 40% off coupons are trolling through your inbox. I literally put checking my inbox into the same motion as checking my snapchat. Saving is the more obvious step on having more money to your name for bills, emergencies and even play time. I've said it before but open up a business account. I promise it's the best thing ever when starting out. I put $75 a weekly into my business account (auto transfer is available through all banks) that just from my personal account. Every dime I make from sales go straight into my business account and I try not to touch it. Lately I've been dipping into my business account simply because I just moved and yeah... The first week you go live with your services/goods you're not going to become a millionaire. The point is to set a goal and once you start seeing green and not red (losing more than you're making) you can begin to increase your goal.

Just remember, you have the same amount of hours Beyonce have in a day ... Don't get so caught up in the negative, there's so much more great things waiting for you!  When life gives you lemon, make LEMONADE!  

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