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Hey my loves! Lately things have been heavy in the black community. It's hard to have faith in such a time, but I encourage you all to keep your head up, believe in God and trust that things will get better. Along with believing, now is the best time to get involved. The world is literally begging for guidance! I'm no protestor or rioter but I have a voice and a platform which I will use to educate, inspired and promote positivity and truth. I will let you know now that it's ok to take a break! It's ok to put social media on pause, turn the TV off, put away your cellphone and just breathe. In a world where news is available at a click of a button it can be overwhelming for some of us and in turn have a negative effect on our well being. Don't let anyone tell you that you MUST react right away! Give yourself time to consume what's going on, then respond. With that being said my prayers are with you all!

I've been having a lot of discussions with my loved ones about what we can do. Finding your place in the mist of the madness can be difficult and very confusing. I'm no life coach but I think we should take a look at ourselves and see what we can contribute to the world. Since I'm an artrepreneur and self proclaim inspirational artist I thought long on having a black girl meet-up. Now the details are pretty slim right now, but I'll finish it pretty soon. I thank GOD for all the support I've had with the planning of the meet-up thus far and truly am blessed that people trust me to host such an impactful event. Find out more about the event by following my Instagram (@addierawrrr). Deciding to have a black girl meet up was my way of giving back to my community, to my ancestors and to my world. I don't have a million dollars to donate to schools. I don't have all the free time to dedicate to an after school program, I do, however, have a lot of black queens who enjoy my art work and my energy. If I can just start by getting them together to let them know that they're capable of anything, then I can ignite a fire inside of them that they may need relit.  

The key to discovering how you can contribute to the world is first figuring out what you're capable of. What are some thing you are good at, passionate about or have connections to? Do you know someone who's a journalist? Are you the person organize kickback? Even as simple as are you a good listener? Surprise! You can make a difference. Let your journalist friend know of things going on in your community, have a productive and positive kickback at your place or call up a friend who's going through hard times. A small change in your daily life can make a huge difference. You never know if that friend was contemplating suicide and just needed to talk. Or even that you brining a group of friends together to have a healthy talk inspired some more ideas. We're all wired that if you don't have a large bank account, over 1k followers on social media or just not attractive that you can't help make the world (better yet, your neighborhood) a better place. We wait for celebs, IG famous models and government officials to do something before we decide to get off our couches. That's what I think needs to change!

Here's a few ways to get involved without going too far out your comfort zone:

  • Talk about it with friends. Create the conversation with people you love and trust.
  • Talk to strangers. Smile at strangers. Compliment strangers.
  • Donate - Your extra can be someone else's need
  • Support local businesses - Support your friends like you do Beyonce
  • Mentor - The youth is our future. Find a local rec center or summer program and give back to the youth
  • Write a letter to your congresswoman (man) - demand change
  • Think and speak positivity (no one wants to hear a negative Nancy in such a vulnerable time) 
  • Use your platform - Use your voice (benefit concert, radio talk show, artwork)


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