Loving your growth - Unapologetic

Hello Fall,

Now before I welcome you into 2016, Fall, can you pleassssse chill with the heat wave. - Thanks!
It's a new season and I love reading blogs, see post & reading stories of someone starting over in their season. There's something so inviting about a fresh start. I realize that everyone doesn't have such an optimistic feel towards change and cringe at the thought of modifying themselves frequently. I use to be that girl. I did the same thing everyday, ate the same food, went to the same stores and never added anything new into my life. Of course that changed when I moved away for college and never looked back. Thank God for going to school in a city where change was inevitable.  

3 years later and I'm still excited when I noticed myself growing. I go out of my comfort zone and find relief seeing that I didn't die from it. It sounds weird but that's truly how some people feel when they think about adding something new to their routine. Let's first think about the positive things change bring. 

It allows you to broaden your opinion, your mindset & overall your future. Say you've been eating chicken since you were a baby. You've never tasted tofu before and you "sick emoji" whenever it's on the menu. Then one day you  taste it and realize its not bad, like at all. So now when you cook dinner you have options. If that doesn't make sense let's take it a step future. Let's say you want to be a journalist but you've never left your hometown. You've prayed about it and exhausted all the local stations/businesses in your area (aka your comfort zone). Everyone you know lives in your hometown and you feel like going somewhere else will make you less loyal to the place that raised you. What if that dream position was just waiting for you in the next state over and you're missing out on it because you refuse to even travel outside of your home state. 

When it comes to being an artist/artrepreneur changing is important and unexpected. To own a business means you must know your audience and met their needs. You can't be selling fur coats in 100 degree weathers, I don't care how cute they are. In late 2015 I took a big step and started selling cards. I saw myself as only an artist that painted and sold prints of my orginials. I didn't want to stray away from being an "artist" but it was Christmas time and I needed to change my way of thinking if being a full time artist was going to be my new job title. With my background in design, it wasn't hard creating the cards but getting my supporters to buy bulks or single cards was a challenge. People loved the designs but it was extremely different than what they were use to from me. However, to my surprise I sold over 500 Christmas cards in 2015! That open doors to me investing in mugs, notebooks, planners and all my other great items. (Shop all items here) Over the next few months I grew into designing more collection items and changed my title from 'just an artist' to a 'modern inspirational artist'.  

All change is good change! Yes it's true! Of course things don't always work out how you expected but even a No or Lose can produce growth. If every contest you applied for you got accepted, every piece you created you sale, every show you have has 100% attendance then you would keep doing the same thing and receiving the same responses. In order to get new supporters, larger numbers and more money (for the money lovers) then you have to fall a few times. Honestly the fastest motivating trigger is hearing a no. Love that it didn't work out before. Love that you get a second go around with an idea, this time more refined. Don't be so negative about a turn down. My Lemons into Lemonade blog post touches on how to turn a No into dolla signs lol

In a few months you're going to appreciate how much of a stronger artist/artrepreneur you've become. Most importantly grow at your own pace. We're talking about stepping out your comfort zone, but still make sure you are prepared for whatever outcome. I try to make sure my growing is for myself not anyone else. We grow at different times, different ways. The best feeling of all is when other's can see your growth when you didn't even know you were sprouting! Effortlessly, unapologetically becoming a better you is amazing!


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