4 Tricks to Building Your Instagram Following

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I can’t believe I decided to finally write a blog about social media. One fun fact about me is that I HATE SOCIAL MEDIA. I can’t wait until I can have someone to handle all my accounts for me. But after receiving a large flow of emails over the past few years about how I grew my following on Instagram, I decided to share a few tips. I’m not a social media expert (can’t take the shine from those who are professionals). I’m just a girl who’s pretty proficient in social media platforms and tracks her growth.This year I hit 10k followers on Instagram which is a huge milestone. If you’re just starting out or simply looking to gain more followers on any social media platform, here are some of tips that can help you along the way.

Post Daily

Even though this is the most obvious of the 4, it’s one that we fall short on a lot. Posting regularly gets your followers use to seeing your content. With Instagram’s timeline not being in chronological order anymore you want to have a post floating every day. You can create a posting schedule, especially if you’re big on your aesthetics. This way you know what to post and where you want it to show on your profile. If you have a business IG account you can actually see your peak impressions times and days. This helps determine when you want that post to show on your timeline.

Collaborate | Features

I’ve become so big on collaborating this year. I’ve realized that I can’t tackle everything by myself and that building with others will help everyone win (I will cover this in a later blog). If you don’t know who to collaborate with, ask. It’s just that simple. It can be bloggers, other artists, a product brand, musician or event curator. Having your work or content posted on multiple accounts increases the interaction with your profile. The difference between a shout out and collaborating is that all parties are gaining when there’s a collaboration. Find others that have similar audiences or interests.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are the most annoying thing to see on a post, I’ll admit this first. However, hashtags and tags can really put you above the normal post. Once you figure out which hashtags work for you and are not dead hashtags then you’re one step closer to getting your work out there. A dead hashtag is basically one with no activity #hashtaggingeverythingisntgood. Some tags people aren’t searching, thus bringing you no traffic.

Create Conversation

I didn’t think it worked until I tried, but creating conversations around your IG post only helps draw more people to your profile. There’s two parts to this - replying to comments and conversation starters. Responding to ALL your comments gains trust with your followers. It shows you care and don’t see them as just a like or number.Replying to your comments helps you keep the followers you already have. I just started creating conversation posts and noticed a huge jump in my followers. Conversation starters is asking your followers to get involved. Ask them to tag others (favorite artist, bloggers, brands) or ask what goals they’re working on this week. Once you can get them talking you may notice side conversations in your comments which is always a good thing.



I never fully understood why follower counts were important but after researching and talking to some bloggers I look up to, I learned how profitable your social media accounts can be. If you’re wondering how people put links in their Insta Stories .. well it’s a permission for 10k accounts. I didn’t think I’d use the feature that much but it’s made it so easy to link blogs and listings to my Etsy account. Your social media followers are a necessity if you’re wanting to become an influencer or have some kind of blog/podcast or vlog. I recommend creating an account with Social BlueBook (the social media version of a car blue book) and checking the value of your account. It’s one thing to be active on social media, but it’s another to take full advantage of what is has to offer, all for free! With just a little time and effort and you can see a drastic change. If you’re looking for a social media tracker check out the one I created in my Mini Boss Planner.