Some Battles are Won with Patience


We are approaching the end of a weird and confusing year. We’ve been Presidentless for a year, global warming is more real than ever before and being an entrepreneur seems harder than ever with “net neutrality” being challenged. With all the madness going on it can be easy to slip into a panic and worry about your next move. This is the perfect time to turn to your faith and believe that there’s a plan for everything.

I went to church this past Sunday and the awesome Pastor Vernon Gordon had some gems for me that hit home directly. I was already in the process of writing this blog but the notes of sermon helped me gain clarity. I’m a victim of anxiety attacks (if you’ve ready any of my blogs you know I’ve reached the age of being ok to talk about this) and holiday season is nothing but an anxiety circus. This blog was supposed to circle around “no one really has their sh*t together” but I decided to take a more effective approach to life.  

1 2 3 Breathe …

Peace is a part of the plan

After college, I didn’t really know where my life was heading. Not finding a job immediately following graduation and having to briefly move in with my parents, I felt like I was failing. I was lost, fishing for things that temporarily made me happy. I’ve always been afraid to jump fully into being an entrepreneur. I kept my part time job as a cushion that if this art thing didn’t work out, I could just switch back to full time. Over the past 2 years I’ve found this peace with being part time instead of beating myself up that I was taking the easy route. I realized that knowing God has a solid plan for me and my dreams that I shouldn’t go into a panic about what’s next.

1 2 3 Breathe ..

Memories should push you

Your past can be scary. Your old job, your ex-boyfriend, your crappy first apartment - all of them are reminders of how bad things were before. Changing your mindset is the first step to changing who you are and I believe that starts with seeing your memories as good things. Think about it, you survived everything you’ve been through. You’re stronger, wiser and more focused than ever because of your past. Earlier this year I wrote a blog about journaling and how it can help at the end of the year. Whenever you feel discouraged, take a look at those things you’ve survived and use that as motivation. Internal motivation is healthier than using hate or proving a point to others as a motivating factor.

1 2 3 Breathe…

Don’t become content with part of the plan

At this point you’re probably okay with where you’re at right now in life. Sorry to shake it up a little, but let’s not get too comfortable! It’s hard to realize when you’re at the end of your goals or still in the process of getting to them. This is something only you can decide. You know there’s a meme that shows someone giving up right before they reach that big break in their life. We become content with their small strides and so impatient that we settle for half of the goal. At times, I have to check myself and make sure I am undeniably happy with where I am right now. Sometimes God has these huge plans for us and we get so stuck in just a part of His plan that we stop working towards the full goal. We’re not fully satisfied but we’re okay with where we’re at right now that we stop dreaming. So many people told me to keep a part time job and for 2 years I was comfortable doing just that. Now, I’ve become uncomfortable again. That uncomfortableness is God saying He has so much more for me to come and that He needs me to get out of this feeling of contentment.


Remember I said this blog was supposed to be geared towards how overrated having your life in order was, well it kinda is. My goal is to let you know that with patience and faith, things will be ok! Celebrate all that you’ve accomplished thus far; all the things you thought you weren’t going to survive. Stop putting a holt on living life just because you’re not “in your mind” all together yet. Let’s be intentional in our moves and not too comfortable in our struggle. Use this time to grow and prepare yourself for when that blessing drops!