5 Ways to Recharge & Refuel

Oh spring is finally here and I am beyond excited! If your year has been anything like mine thus far I'm sure you're drained and may need to recharge yourself. Here's 5 ways that I plan to refuel myself this month! 


With 24 hours in a day it can be hard to get on a fix schedule to self care and set personal goals. I’m sure we’ve all had those moments where we see someone who’s “getting ahead” and wonder what they’re doing that you’re not. One practice I want to put into works this month is creating a power hour. One hour during my day or night with no social media, or cell phone to just plan, reflect and organize my day. I’ll also include time to pray and meditate. I’ve heard that setting a specific time to do this everyday will allow you to make it a habit. I also been thinking about practicing yoga as well. One of my priorities during this power hour will be writing. In an age of technology we tend to stray away from writing on paper and resort to just typing a note in our phone or like me, sending a text to yourself with reminders. Writing down things I’ve achieved, things I’m looking forward to, goals and more will not only allow me to remember them, but to help keep track of my life. I get so bottled up about what may happen. By having high anxiety, this will be an excellent way for me to learn about myself and my patterns. Having a cute notebook to jot notes down will make this practice easier so stop by the shop and pick up some new notebooks .

Protective Series 

Protective Series 


Eating healthier

For my birthday my mom purchased me a Nutribullet. I’ll admit I’m a small unhealthy girl who is naturally toned and slim. All my friends know that I’m a lazy cow when it comes to exercising. The most working out I do is walking from the fridge to the couch and the arm curls I do while detangling and twisting my fro. However, the older I get I do realize that my health needs to be more of a priority. I've been a little more conscious of what I’m consuming and added a few tricks to my eating routine to make sure I’m taking care of myself. Not only do I want to eat better because it’ll have my skin glistening and my hair flourishing, I want to give myself that natural energy when being a busy bee. When my schedule starts to jumble together and my Mondays are full of to-do lists and my weekends blur together with events, eating right is the last thing on my mind. I blame Popeyes... Smoothies are my way of getting the fruits and vegetables I need daily all while being creative. There’s just something so refreshing about getting up early to make a yummy smoothie before starting my day, or a savory one before bed.

Here’s 3 recipes for goodness:
Banana Mama - 2 Bananas, 1/2 cup of Vanilla nonfat yogurt, 1/2 cup of Vanilla Almond milk, chia seeds and ice -- For added flavor use Peach nonfat yogurt
Go Green - 3/4 cup of spinach leaves, 1/2 sliced green apple, 1/2 banana, 1 kiwi, 1/2 cup of pineapples, peach fruit juice. 
Watermelon Mojito - 3 cups of watermelon, 1 squeezed lime, 1/4 cup of sugar, 4 mint lines or peppermint flavoring and ice. 



Spring is probably the best time to declutter your life. As an artist who lives in her workspace, my creative mess is out of control. I rarely have time to clean like I want but I try to dedicate at least one morning or evening to clean my apartment. I have a bad habit of holding on to things I no longer need, like empty bottles of hair conditioner just so I can remember what to buy next time or clothes I know I’ll never wear but if I throw them out my closet will look empty. Check out TashJMackk vlog on revamp after a cleanse hull. When your workspace/safe space is clean and organized it allows a clear path for mental cleansing. Since I wear a lot of hats and get pulled left and right daily it’s absolutely necessary for me to have a mental cleanse. Remember those negative relationships I spoke about in January? Well here’s another chance to rid them. I’ve always been the friend that’s always there for someone no matter what. It could be 3 years without a word and if you hit me up in need of a friend I’ll be there. I’m not that person anymore. At first I thought it was a bad thing and that I should always be there when one reaches out to me, but I’ve learned through lessons that not everyone deserves your energy. Removing those out of my life who have been keeping my mind foggy has done nothing but good. After decluttering your life inside and out I’m sure everything will start making sense again.



I have a semi-secret; I’ve never been on a plane. Just as a disclaimer, I’m not scared to fly, I just never had a reason to fly anywhere. I’ve drove 13hrs to Miami for Art Basel because I had art work and when visiting NY I always take a bus for cost efficiency. I’m all about people traveling the world and taking gorgeous pictures in front of a colorful cityscape, but I am also very aware of my finances and my personal goals. I tend to not allow others and their frequent travel get me down and make me feel inadequate. Thanks to my friend not really giving me an option this year and planning a trip out the country, I’ll be on my first plane come May. If you’re anything like me it’s hard to plan a real vacation. Most events I do are planned weeks sometimes just days before the actual events which makes it hard for me to preschedule a vacation away from home for a long period of time. I love my work and have always chose working over sunbathing. Vacations are intended to bring relaxation and endless nights of fun. I’m learning that I need to add it into my life no matter what but I’m also learning that vacation doesn’t have to mean no work. Last year I started to take monthly trips to NY for a mini “vacay”. It also doubled as me doing a lot of writing, networking and learning about myself. So no matter if you’re out of town for a work trip, try to always take a few hours to explore and enjoy being away from home.


Giving Back

Taking care of yourself is always the priority when it comes to self care. After you’ve gathered all the positive energy you’ve been missing, it’s time to share it with others. A huge misconception is that giving, helping or supporting someone else is going to take something away from you. You will still be full, please remember that. I’ve never advised an artist and lost money. I’ve never supported an organization and felt empty. Giving back has always made me feel full! Figure out what works best for you. Find creative ways to give back. Local prom dress drive could be a way to let go of your high school prom dress. Dropping sanitary products off at a shelter or in my case giving away art supplies to those in needs. If you don’t have anything tangible to give away remember you have your energy. Go to meetups or mentor at a middle school. And if you can’t find anything, be the one to create a program or partner with someone else who’s already involved. Who knows, you may find a new hobby or even think about changing career paths after giving back.  Check out Brown Girl Fearless outreach opportunities if you're looking for something n the East Coast, tell them Addie sent ya!  

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