3 Reasons to Choose Collaboration over Competition

We’ve all heard the saying “collaboration over competition” but what does that really mean? When you first hear about a creative, brand or business that’s in your same lane you may immediately think that they are now going to take customers away from you. I’ll admit, it’s easy to slip into thinking that every artist is my competition and we’re fighting to get that sale but, that’s all wrong! Think about it, not only is there enough customers to go around for us all, but there’s even more opportunities to work together and create an even bigger force. Here’s 3 major reasons why you should be choosing collaborations over competitions!

Collab over comp.jpeg

1. Reach An Audience You May Not Have Had Access To

The best thing I’ve taken away from collaborations is the ability to reach a market that I normally wouldn't be able to reach on my social media or through the events I do. Usually you are creating and sharing with those who have already seen your work and love your style, but what about the thousands of people who have never heard of you? If you’re like me I know majority of my audience live on the east coast simply because that’s where I’m based and do events. Being able to work with another creative on the west coast or midwest gives me that access to those who’ve never seen a piece of my work. Once I started to work with other companies outside of my comfort zone I saw an instant spike in sales & support from states I normally wouldn't have gotten support from. (Below I have a list of ways you can collaborate that I’ve tried myself)

2. Cost Effective

Money matters! Splitting the bill with another creative can be a great way to save a little. IF all goes well you're likely to have an successful event/product. Yes, the profit will also be split but the initial investment will not be all on you. This could allow you to work on multiple projects at once or turn around projects faster. Depending on the agreement you may be able to make the same amount you would have if you were fronting the bill alone.

3. Diversify Your Portfolio

Something I will be focusing on in my upcoming ebook (yup, books are in the making) is diversifying my portfolio. Just like investments, it’s good to have your work in multiple channels and markets. The great thing is as a creative you can do this without switching your style and still sticking to your values. I’m not into connecting with random people, although some random connections have been beneficial! I purposely collaborate with other creatives/brands that I know align with my mission. This has allowed me to have my work featured on candles, in books, on t-shirts, shared in blogs, on wedding invitations & more. Which correlates to my first tip - allowing my work to be seen by those whom I normally wouldn’t have been able to reach.

Ideas on Collaborations:

  • Subscription boxes

  • Sponsorship with events

  • Single “test” project together

  • A collection within another businesses shop

  • POP UP shop at a business

  • Feature on website

  • Guest blogging

Designs I did with Scent Germain on a candle line! Illustrations were specially made for this product! Click the picture to purchase!

Designs I did with Scent Germain on a candle line! Illustrations were specially made for this product! Click the picture to purchase!