Reintroduce Myself

Artist:Addie Rawr
(creator of Art & Ambition) 

Hello there. I'm sure you know me as Addie Rawr the artist but it probably ends there. Well let me start by saying I'm two completely different people all mushed up into one body, one soul. There's Addie Rawr and there's Adrienne Randle. Born and raised in Norfolk, VA I never thought I'd become someone other than myself as I got older. It's a blessing to be able to house so much energy and passion into the little (tiny 5'2) woman I am. 


Long story short, I became Addie Rawr in 2014 after selling my first painting to a friend. I've always been a designer and actual received my Bachelors from VCU in Creative Advertising. I decided to finance, produce and execute my very first art show on August 21, 2014. A day I probably will never forget. It was the day I discovered this journey was going to be hard. Fast forward to Sept 2015 - I had just received a promotion at work and that same day decided to cut my hours down to part time. Only work 22 hours a week, my art and design became my first source of income. Then there was Art Basel Dec 2015 where I took a 14 hour drive down to Miami to showcase my work. Returning I hit my first $1000 sales week in art off of just Christmas Cards and ended 2015 with a bang. 2016 was all a blur. I honestly can't remember much of it. A lot of events, new products, a bulk load of customers and learning how to paint with watercolor. Jumping right into the summer of 2017 when I received my first big contract with Refinery29 and Adidas (still to this day have NO idea how they came across my work). It was a collaboration that would take me to outside of my comfort zone, painting a pair of Ultra Boost sneakers that would be auctioned off privately by Adidas. I'm skipping around a lot of the late nights, the heartbreaks, the waste of thousands of dollars, wanting to give up every few months and crying pounds of tear and a lot of other things that have made me the tough artist I am today.. but hay we can talk about that later this year. 

Here we are now in March 2018 and I just receive news after celebrating my 27th birthday (Pisces SZN) that I was accepted to vendor at Essence Festival this year. I'm still trying to wrap my head around such a huge opportunity! My journey thus far has been rewarding so I'm prepared to do just about anything to get all work down to New Orleans. If you're able to donate, please do. If not, sharing, reposting, tweeting, just about anything would be appreciated to get the word out. You can read about the entire trip on my GoFundMe - Get Addie Rawr to Essence Fest