Vibes: Black produced Web-Series & Podcasts

Over the past few years I'm happy to see the rise of African American producers grow in the entertainment industry. When I found out Issa Rae was getting created Insecure for HBO, the proudness I had in my heart was enlarged knowing I was a fan of her web series. I caught on to web series late (after they were published) but early (before they became popular) and it's one of my favorite free time habits that I'll never change. I remember sitting in front of my computer my senior year of college, watching some of these series as I wrote my paper and praying that one day they'll receive all the praise they deserved. I told others about them. I made friends watch them with me. I was so happy to have found shows that were related with a crew that thought and acted just like me and the biggest one - produced and directed by someone who looked me like. 

Now the podcast wave I definitely caught on to that late. The list is still growing because I haven't figured out a way to listen to them as consistently as I'd like. I'm a visual person (must be the artist in me) so the just hear and now see something weirds me out a time. I get distracted and completely tone it out, I'm working on it. So, I dropped just a few of the ones I have listened to and would love recommendations. (Just leave in the comments)! Enjoy!



First :Issa Rae Presents
Created by Jahmela Biggs

Issa Rae has been dropping gems in the YouTube world for years. Even though I think she started back in 2011, I didn’t get hipped into 2014 with a few episode of Awkward Black Girl. I never finished the series, but I’m planning on going back to enjoy every moment of it. First was the first series I caught on it. I actually just wanted to see more of Will Catlett after loving him in That Guy. A love story that shows that no one is perfect, the pride can mess you up and if it’s meant to be .. well I’m not going to spoil it.


Giants: Issa Rae Presents
Created by James Bland

Let me say, James Bland is amazing! Created, wrote and directed the series that has recently won Daytime Emmy Awards. I can’t wait for his talent to continue to be recognized and spread in the entertainment world. This series has sparked a lot of conversations between me and my creative friends shedding light on untalked about issues in the black community. Mental illnesses, STDs, depression, sexual preference and that’s just the surface of it. Nothing is forced, uncomfortable or over dramatic - it’s all authentic stories that many don’t talk about it. One of my favorites simply because it’s it gives me something to laugh at, cry about and sit with myself at the end.


Tough Love: ToughLoveSeries
Produced by Caleb Davis

A multiple realistic love story from young adults from many different career paths and backgrounds I stumbled across Tough Love series on YouTube after finishing a slew of series and needed more to keep me going. I think I fell in love with the fact that the series was shot in the streets of NYC. That’s real dedication! There wasn’t one character that didn’t remind me of someone I’ve hung out with, dated or knew in some way.


That Guy: Black&Sexy TV
Series by Jeanine Daniels

I’ve been blessed enough to have a few conversation and support of my art by AuntieNeen after falling in love with every series she’s created and decided to introduce myself. That Guy is without a doubt my favorite web series ever to grace this earth! It’s funny, real, emotional and made for an artist yet hood young lady like myself. Again, I’m a support of Jeanine outside of this web series. She’s rides for independent artist, black own businesses and she’s hilarious! Jeanine now has her own production company and will be releasing new magic soon -
That Guy Seasons 1-3


RoomieLoverFriends: Black&SexyTV
Created and Written by Dennis Dortch & Numa Perrier

After I watched the entire Hello Cupid, RoomieLoverFriends was queued next and I though, why not?! I’ll admit, I was caught off guard by the many sex scenes the series contain but we’re grown and it wasn’t super dramatic. The title tells it all, following a life of a guy and girl who are roomies, lovers and yeah, friends. I’ve never been in this situation but every problem or sentiment moment seem pretty realistic to what could happen when you put a fine man under the same room as a beautiful woman.


Hello Cupid: Black&Sexy TV
Series Created by Ashley Blaine Featherson & Lena Waithe

Before Netflix series like Master of None & Dear White People, I was a fan of Lena & Ashely! The very first web series I watched in 2013 while using all VCU’s wifi to open my mind to things outside of regular tv. The concept of having a show based around a dating website starring black women living in California instantly drew me in. I see it as a story told from both a life of a brown skin women but also misconceptions of lightskin women in the dating scene. I also love how Black&SexyTV intertwined all their web series, which I’ll touch on a few more in this blog.

Others: Sexless, Chef Julian, Becoming Nia, & Yellow

I’ve watched most of series on Black&SexyTV. Because the characters cross over in different shows and get their own spin off it’s impossible to not want to jump onto the next series. That’s where Black&SexyTV wins! They make you want to come back for more to follow your favorite character. I linked their channel so that you can pick in choose which show you want to watch. There’s kinda a particular order you want to watch it in so that you don’t jump ahead of the characters life but no matter what you’ll love it.

I watched it in this order

  • Hello Cupid

  • RoomieLoverFriends

  • Yellow

  • That Guy

  • Becoming Nia

  • Sexless

  • Chef Julian


It’s hard for me personally to review all the following podcasts because I haven’t consistently listened to them yet. However, I’ve been trying to listen to them more frequently so that I can give a full review later on. Check them out and let me know of more in the comments.

The Black Girl Bravado

Black Girl Brunch

Black Girls Being