5 Tips to Improve eCommerce Sales

When I first decided that blogging was something I wanted to pursue as another source of being involved with my supporters I thought hard on what I’d like to cover. My goal with blogging is to cover topics that I, as an upcoming and growing creative, would have loved to have when I first started. I believe in helping others. I’m not afraid of sharing because I want others to grow as well. I want to create content that’ll help others become better. As my platform continues to grow I know that giving out such valuable and informative things I will receive checks for (yes, my blog is currently free and open to all, but the goal is to get paid for this). Manifestation!

There are how to books for everything. There’s YouTube, books and community boards that can basically walk you through just about anything you want to achieve in life. However, I know that it’s easier to read and trust the word of someone who actually does this everyday. Someone you’ve seen putting in the practice and getting results, which is why I don’t consider myself an expert but simply entrepreneurship.  

Etsy is just one of many ecommerce platforms to market and sell products. I started using Etsy since it’s higher in artist target and I enjoyed the exclusiveness. In 2014 when I opened my shop Etsy was simple ecommerce and didn’t have any enhancements that were truly helpful and unique. With low transaction fees and a simple interface, I stuck with it. Over the year, Etsy has made MAJOR improvements. Etsy sends out seller newsletter with new tools, updates, how to’s and more which I think is amazing. I actually take the time out to read it now and learn the new tools so that I can improve my shop.

With over 1k sales and hitting over  1.2k views a week, I put together a list of tips that can help not only increase your traffic on your shop but get those sales!


Having high quality and crisp photos are necessary. If you don’t have a high quality camera or phone reach out to fellow photographer and photograph your work. Don’t feel pressure to go purchase an expensive camera, use your resource, others around and network. (Check out my blog about building your Squad) Whatever you’re selling, you can stage it up to give your customers an idea of how to use or style the product. Frame your prints, accessories your bags, or light the candle. There’s millions of videos on YouTube about how to build in crisp studio-like space for photographing work.

Room Full of Dolls Coloring Book -  click to purchase

Room Full of Dolls Coloring Book - click to purchase


Even though most people do not read description of products, it can be extremely helpful to those who are looking for more information. When writing a description of a product I include the essentials: color, material, size and weight. I dress it up with pretty words and what collection it’s from. Keep it simple is the best advice, but never leaves the description area empty.

Product Variation:

This can help with increasing sales and also getting new clients outside of your shop.  Giving customer options of what they can purchase. Color, size, style, personalization; something more than just the basics will get a customer wanting more.


Once you can get some sales rolling in, make it a habit to reach out to customer about reviewing your shop. Having shop reviews is a personal testimony that will entice new customer purchase from your shop.  Feedback is the key to growing and without knowing what your customers loved, hated and appreciated with your service, you’ll be stagnate. If you’ve purchased from me, please head over to the shop to review! You’ll get $10 off your next purchase.

Sales/ Coupons:

I’m an advocate for sales and coupons. There’s no company I can think of that never has a sale. I’m not saying mark your whole shop down 50% off (I’ve done it few times), but if you have surplus inventory or discontinuing an item, a sale is your best friend. Sales attract customers for obvious reasons, but it also makes them look at other items that are now on sale in your shop. Etsy has updated so much over the years that you can now marked down just certain items in your shop, set up free shipping and get URL links for promo codes. Also, set up a Thank You coupon, this will auto send to customers who purchase from your shop through Etsy. 

Hopefully these tips can help with any eCommerce platform. The best thing is staying consistent and up to date. I look at my shop every day which may be excessive but I never want to miss out on helping potential customers or when a listing is out of whack. Whatever you’re selling, your customers pay attention to what you’re putting out. If you have an online shop of any kind, feel free to leave a link in the comments.