4 Ways To Stay Motivated Everyday

Ahhh, the last quarter of the year is here and personally I’m exhausted. Thank God it's a good exhausted with a great number of opportunities and connections that have put my ambition into overdrive. During my 6 month check in I noticed that 2018 had helped shape me as a person more than anything. Yes, I was able to do huge events such as Essence Festival and I even launched a mentorship program but thus far I’m titling this year “The Year of Intentional Growth!” I always told myself that I should do things with intentions but this year I took it a step further. Now I know that everything can’t be planned to the T and that incredible things happen when you just let things flow but I must admit that creating success has been 50% calculated moves and 50% universe timing.

Now that I’m a full time artist (yahhh to going 100% full time), I had to reteach myself how to stay motivated. It is extremely hard to be motivated everyday when your bank account has now taken a turn from overflowing to “damn son”. Then we have social media that’s constantly reminding us to take our time, hurry up, be better than the next, take a break and the newest addition “live our best life”. Of course it’s nearly impossible to be “ready to go” everyday when it comes to chasing your dreams but there are things one can do to help get the ball rolling.

Goal Digger Planner can be purchased at https://www.etsy.com/listing/619275908/2018-2019-student-glow-up-planner?

Goal Digger Planner can be purchased at https://www.etsy.com/listing/619275908/2018-2019-student-glow-up-planner?

Every month or so I try out a new way to keep myself going. The Pisces in me doesn’t like consistency in a weird way so I’m always seeking change, wanting to add something new into the mix and can never just stay to one routine for more than 3 months. Even though that may sound like a train-wreck waiting to happen to most, for me it has allowed me to dabble in so many methods which have added to my personal growth. Sharing is caring and since I care about you and your journey so much I’ve cultivated a list of things that can help with your daily motivation. Please feel free to comment with more examples or your personal experience.

Pick Up Some Reading Material
After graduating from college I just seemed to never buy books. Probably from nightmares of all the costly books I had to get for classes and could only flip them for $5, I was just over reading. Then I realized how dumb that was and that I was missing out on so much information in the world by not reading more often. First I started reading blogs and online magazines everyday. You know those articles you’ll see Essence tweet or come through your subscription email, yup I started actually reading them. This year I  also decided to start a mini book collection and grabbed a new book every month to keep me in the groove. I’ve never tried a book subscription box but I know a few of them floating that would be perfect if you think you don’t have time to shop around (My Lit Box).
My favs: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, You Are a Badass, Big Magic, We’re Going To Need More Wine

Stream A Podcast
Podcasts are the newest wave of information and connection with others in the world. Now that so many platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play and more have podcast channels it’s the easiest way to tune into some gems & positivity. I personally listen to podcasts centered around being a black girl in the entrepreneurial world, but there’s literally something for everyone. When I know I have a drive of 2+ hours I usually allot one of those hours to listen to my favorite podcasts. You can listen while working out (I get so distracted doing this), cooking or just cleaning up around the house. You can catch up to a few black produced podcasts on my blog of my favs.

My favs: The Black Girl Bravado, Black Girl Podcast, The Black Girl Report


Join a Group Chat
Now this is for someone who enjoys the crowdedness feel of a group chat. Years ago I hated being in even my friends group chats and I’m still a little this way. When it comes to my business I’m more acceptant and have found group chats dedicated to networking and resources as an artist is freaking amazing! The moderator usually have daily topics, affirmations or talking points that keeps us all active. You get to connect with people from all over the world without being super personal (usually just need to create an account or sign up with email or phone number). I always find motivation when I open up one of my chat groups from either an ongoing conversation or just reassurance of knowing I’m in a community of like minded individuals.   It is a little hard to find these chats but I say start with some of the brands whose mission is to bring people together. It may not be advertised largely but it’s worth searching their website or asking if they have a chat. If all fails you can start your own group chat with apps like Google Hangout, GroupMe or Slack. Check out some tips on keeping productive.

Create Affirmation Events
I just got this gem from a workshop I attended last weekend. I never really thought of creating my own notifications in my calendar but I just love this idea. What you would do is go to your phone’s calendar (I use the calendar with GMail) and create an event. In this event you can put in a cute motivational quote and even add a link or picture. Play around with the options. Try inviting others to the event, this will make the notification pop up on your friend’s phone which would be a sweet surprise. The idea is to have a reminder without even trying. You know how the universe works, when you need it the most "bam" it's right on your screen!

A few more ideas to keep the motivation rolling for the week:

  • Use an App

  • Create a Motivational Music Playlist

  • Follow Motivational Pages on Social Media (& get notifications when they post)

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