No More Starving Artist - Starting 2019 With A Bang

2018 is slowly coming to an end. I say slowly because this has been a weirdly long year. Can you believe Beychella and Black Panther happened this year? But here we are, looking back at all that we’ve accomplished in the past 12 months and waiting to write out goals for the new year.

For me, this year has been a great for my professional development. I did the big leap into a full time entrepreneur by quitting my job  back in April and even participated in Essence Festival this past summer. I started with this long list of wishes, some that I just had to redo, like opening that studio before December. Sometimes it’s okay to rewrite your goals or put them off until you’re ready to regain focus on them. I learned that it’s not letting yourself down, but being honest with what you want to do that matters the most. After Essence Festival I focus on just a couple of meaningful goals that would help be make sense of what’ I’m doing as a full time creative entrepreneur. One being, helping artist on a bigger scale outside of social media.

I want to the universe to do it’s thing with guiding me

Over 6 years as a professional artist, I’ve received tons of questions. Many asking “How I started?”, “What practices do I utilize?”, “How do I connect with companies?” and everything in between. I love answering these questions for emerging artist but I started to become overwhelmed by the daily pick of my brain. I began writing down all the questions I was getting asked multiple times. I kept a lot of notes about my website, pricing of my work, how I overcame slow months, brands I’ve worked with and more. My first order of business was to introduce a mentorship program, formally helping artist in a private manner. (I have  blog pending detailing everything with my mentorship program include the 10 artist that successfully completed the program and all that they do.) With the feedback from my mentees I was able to create an outline for my ebook.

Finally after months of working, breaking down sections and revising, my first e-book is here. How to be the Hungry Artist is 3 part e-book about developing yourself as a profitable artist. With so much information from my formal education plus experience in the art industry I choose to section off the e-book into 3 parts for a more comfortable read. The first part is currently available for download and covers how to build a brand as an artist, figuring out your target market and some key practices for success.

I’m excited to share this project with the world and proud to know that it will help so many artist with building a much needed foundation to keep them away from being a “starving” artist. I haven’t created my official 2019 goal list and I don’t know if I really need one. I want to have some direction and intentions but I want to the universe to do it’s thing with guiding me. I’ll be using one of my 2019 Planners to jot down everything this year that I want to happen. What’s some things you’d like to do in the New Year? Leave a goal in the comments.

Until 2019 -- I’m out!

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