3 Things All New Entrepreneurs Deal With & How To Make the Best of Them

No Support
One of the biggest problem we all face when following our dreams/passion is not having an adequate amount of support. In the beginning of my artrepreneur journey I received a few side eyes from family/friends who didn’t understand why I’d want to pursue art full time. While most are working towards retirement already, cheering to a new full time salary position or graduating with their PHd, you can find yourself lost in the mix .Try to find others who have the same goals as you. That artist you met at the last show give him a call.  The ones who you speak to through comments and admire from a far, reach out to in a private DM. Your support system will come around, even if that means you have a create one with all new people. Just don’t let the lack of support deter you from pushing towards your dreams.

I’m currently an ambassador for Black Girls Who Paint, a community for black women artist. Visit  BGWP

I’m currently an ambassador for Black Girls Who Paint, a community for black women artist. Visit BGWP

No Business Background
So you're ready to dive into being your own boss. You have the skills, the drive and the time but you have no clue where to start. You don't know much about managing a business and can’t find any resources that works for you. Take a deep breath! Since my formal education was in Creative Advertising and Business, I had an established foundation with how to brand and write out a business plan. I know everyone didn't graduate from the best school ever (VCU, Go Rams Go!) but we all have education in something. You have to get out there for deep dive into researching. I spend a couple hours a day just learning. Sometimes that includes browsing a few blogs, reading my favorite books or listening to a podcast. The information is out there, you just have to know what you’re looking for. Of course, there’s something you’re going to have to learn on your own. You’re going to have to use your network to learn about social media marketing, attending a few workshops to learn how to keep up with your books or purchase that software and practice to get your website up and running. Don’t feel defeated, just keep trying. Oh, I also put out a cool eBook, How To Be The Hungry Artist, which is a guide on how to build your brand as and artist & figure out your market. Since this was made specifically for artist of all mediums, I know it can help you. It even include some cool resources.

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I Have REAL Bills
I think this was my hardest mental challenge to overcome. It’s extremely hard to generate just as much as you were at your 9-5 if you’re just starting out. Before embarking on this “full time” leap as a creative, God blessed me with a flexible well paying job that allows me to balance my bills. Don’t be in a rush to quit your job unless you’re okay with a slight struggle. Instead find a job that works with what you want to do, something that doesn't drain you and has great benefits (discounts make a huge difference). Another big change was learning how and where to save money. The key to saving when I still had to produce work was looking for deals. I shop clearance and I’m proud. I also purchase my supplies in bulks, use as many student discounts I can (thank God they didn’t make those IDs with years on them). I sign up for email list and actually check them for coupons and let’s not forget the cash back rewards as a lot of my most frequent places. We all overlook it but you'll be surprise on how many 40% off coupons are trolling through your inbox. I literally put checking my inbox into the same motion as checking my Instagram. I’m also a believer in automatic systems. I have my business bank account on automatic transfers and I use the Qapital App to set up rules for savings. Sign up today & get $5 for FREE just for your first savings. This is not one of those trick apps. It actually just transfer your set amount from your bank account into your Qapital account. At any time you can request to have it transferred right back into your bank account. It’s a good way to save it and forget it and they have cool rules such as the 52 week challenge for savings.

All in all, being an entrepreneur is not easy but we have each other! With have to stick it out together and continue to share our journey for the next generation. Don't get so caught up in the negative, there's so much more great things waiting for you! You’re going to win, I just know it!