Web Series for the Young, Black & Entertained

Do you watch any web series? In the age of digital where YouTube is running things, I love cuddling up and watching a good web series. I first started diving into the YouTube shows while I was studying at VCU. I think I was just browsing through YouTube and one of Issa Rae shows popped up on the right side of something I’d like. This was before Insecure (circa 2012) and I was sold at seeing a black girl with a popular channel on YouTube.

Representation is so important to me that see her natural hair, glasses wearing self acting naturally awkward just felt like home. This was the beginning of my love for now a large selection of web series created by, directed by, written by and all that by BLACK creative! That’s the cool part. I’ll be reintroducing some shows I’ve touched on in my previous blog Vibes: Black produced Web Series & Podcasts along with sharing some of the ones I keep up with now. So take your time going through them. Subscribe to their channel. COMMENT ON THEIR VIDEOS (they all read them and it’s a free way to support and encourage what they’re doing). Feel free to share more shows you know of in the comment section.


First is first! An Issa Rae Production and one of the first shows I watched on YouTube. It’s a love story that’ll have you wanting more. You’ll actually see a very familiar face if you’ve seen the OWN show Love Is…



James Bland is a freaking genius and when I first watched Giants I cried. This series tackles real life issues that in the Black community we may be that comfortable discussing yet. I suggest to watch this with a friend and open some discussions on it!

gaints .jpg


Tough Love

A favorite among my web series collections. The cast are great, the plot is not too much but addresses real life issues and it can hold your attention for 3 seasons. If you have the channel CLEOTV on cable, they actually play this series now.



You know, I love AuntieNeen! She’s such a talented creative and never disappoints with her productions. His & Hers is a short episodes series but it’s crazy relatable!


Pillow Talk

I had to start watching Pillow Talk since it’s on the Tough Love network. So far so good! This series is currently being dropped so you haven’t missed out on much. I suggest to watch after Tough Love since it’s an spin off of that show.



A new series that was released this year. A friend who’s an actor in the show recommended to me so I decided to watch. I’ve only seen a few episode and can say it’s a great toned down show. Entertaining but not in a overdramatic way.


Close Friends

One of my favorite web series that has over 2 seasons. You get to follow the life of a group of friends through breakups, marriages and real life issues. It’s a show that’s not too much drama but easy to stay connected.



Quarter Century

I remember watching this series right before turning 25. Having a show related to be in that 25th year of life is refreshing and very relatable. The two seasons switch between DC and NYC two cities 20somethings love visiting.


Cream x Coffee

Now I haven’t seen this one. It’s on my watch list but it popped up as a suggestion and I figured it’ll probably be something I enjoy.


Young N Reckless

I watched this series while still in college and the title is accurate. If you want to be entertained and enjoy a series that’s amateur, this is a great one to binge!