3 Tips on How To Increase Online Shop Sales

We are now entering the 2nd quarter of 2019 and I’m celebrating my shop doing better in the last 3 months than it has in years. When I first started seeing consistent sales in 2015 I wanted to educate myself on how to keep it up. I read hundreds of blogs, talked to other business owners and even attended some work shops.

For now, we’re going to focus on what to do once shoppers have reached your shop. Now as a full time artist, I want to make sure that once my audience have made it to my website, that they’re buying. With every ecommerce shop there should be a way for you to track your visits and maybe even see how many “add to carts” you have in a given time. This information is extremely important as it’ll allow you to pick up trends on how to overcome your customer’s hesitation. I never thought that working for T-Mobile would come in handy with my own business, but boy did it teach me on how to get the sale! Here’s 3 things customers tend to question and how to win them over!



The world is now spoiled by Amazon Prime and many companies offering very low rates with shipping. I’ve done random surveys of supporters and a lot of people say that at checkout once they see the shipping cost they don’t finish the transaction. Even though they’re not expecting to have $0 shipping, having a $9 shipping on a $9 product doesn’t make much sense. So how do we, as small businesses keep up?

  • Make sure that you are doing everything on the back end to keep shipping cost low. Do you really need to ship everything USPS Priority? You can purchase a bulk of envelopes and mail out flat rate at half the cost of doing USPS Priority and using their envelopes. It takes a bit of time to weigh all your products, find good shipping supplies an such but it’s 100% possible. (Need help, book a session with me so we can go through your shipping cost).

  • Give options with shipping. Don’t have just Priority as the only option for customers to ship through. Let the customer know they can pick whichever option works best for them.

  • Create a FREE SHIPPING OVER $ code. This honestly has helped in my sales so much. If a customer order over $30 of products then they can get free shipping. The amount $30 works best for me because of me studying my products, shipping cost and got the amount that wouldn’t be a big lost for me if I had to cover shipping. Again, this takes a lot of time and math but it’s the norm! Almost ALL online stores have a “free shipping after this amount of money spent” option.

Checkout Process

This is one that we can all relate to. I know I’ve exited checkout on a lot of sites because I had to sign up for an account, enter a bunch of numbers and they didn’t have PayPal checkout. I don’t like having to get up to find my card to check out so having options like PayPal checkout, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay etc can go along way. Check with your current shop host to see what options they have for easy checkout for customers. If you can have guest checkout, turn that option ON. If you can have customer create account option (for your repeat customers), turn that ON.


When you shopping on line you don’t have a sales rep explaining to you how to style, use or why you need the product. Instead, your website should give this information to your shoppers. If you sell t-shirts, show they styled multiple ways or an actual person. If you’re selling body butter, explain how it’ll make your skin feels, how it smells and the best way to use it. Being descriptive on your listings can really win a customer over. Tell the customer everything you would if they were walking into your physical shop.

Hopefully with using these tips you win all 2nd quarter! Make sure you drop a comment if you’ve tried any of my tips out and tell how they’ve helped you. Sharing is caring, so make sure you’re letting your fellow shop owners know these gems as well! Still need help? You can now book one on one sessions with me to talk about building your brand. Check out the new Artist Development section.