4 Morning Routines that Keep You Productive & Creative

Do you have a morning routine? A solid morning and night routine can not only help with your mental and emotional health but increase productivity. Once I quit my  job to take own being a creative entrepreneur full time, I knew I had to create a morning routine and stick to it. If you know me, you know that I’m not the best morning person.  Being honest, I don’t get up at 6am and wouldn’t even pretend I did on a good day. Since I’ve started incorporating a morning routine into my daily schedule I’ve noticed that my days run a lot smoother and I get more tasks done. Not only am I productive but my creative juices are flowing in ways I wished for in the past. Here’s a few things I do in the morning in no order of importance.  


It’s going on two years that I’ve been hitting the gym regularly. I went from being a thin girl who didn’t “need” the gym to being in the gym at least 5 days a week. Exercising in general helps release endorphins which gives you this boost of positivity! After 30min to an hour of working out with a nice playlist, you’ll feel like taking over the world. 

Drink Tea

Of course I drink water first thing in the morning but before jumping into work I usually make a cup of tea. There’s so many options but ginger peach, vanilla chia or Not Coffee from Ivy’s Tea Co line are some of my go-to favorites. No matter the weather a hot cup of tea relaxes my mind and allows me to mellow out before things get hectic. It’s the calm before the storm. 

The Soleil Mug from the Golden Collection is in the  shop .

The Soleil Mug from the Golden Collection is in the shop.

No Email Zone

Ahh a good unplug. For the first two hours of my morning I love being in my own space. I may read a few tweets, scroll through Instagram without actually looking or catch a blog on Thought Catalog but I do not answer emails. My business email account has a good mixture of great news and a bunch of “sorry for the late responses” so avoiding them first thing in the morning allows for me to set the tone for my day. I haven’t reached the point of eliminating social media as a whole but I know I’ll advance to that level soon. 

Writing / Journaling 

Self care is important to me in daily form. My ideas flow a lot easier when I write in the morning. Usually when enjoying breakfast I get out my journal and jot down a bunch of ideas. Whether it’s a to-do list for the day or some projects I want to look into. This brain dump is a great kick start for my day and helps me stay on task. If I can get all my thoughts out in the morning, then my mind is a little clearer for the day. 

The Goal Getter Journal is in the  shop .

The Goal Getter Journal is in the shop.