3 Easy Mobile Apps to Stay On Top of Your Finances

2019 is months of being over and learning how to be in control of my finances has been a great focus of my year. Growing up I didn’t learn much about money handling. I knew if you had bills, pay them or keep putting them off and pray they go away. I wasn’t taught how to save or how to keep a record of money coming in and out. For me, being raised in a city like Norfolk, it was the norm. Finance classes weren’t a thing and my parents both had to figure out adulthood while raising a family. However, through college and living on my own, I’ve learned a lot about being more responsible with my finances. Thankful, I didn’t have to suffer or hit rock bottom to learn. I took advantage of accounting and finance classes through high school and college which made a huge difference. The cool part is, I’ve been able to use some quick apps to help and even shared them with my family and friends over the years. Here’s some of my go to apps and how I use them to help me stay inline. 


This is my go to app when it comes to overlooking my business finances. I don’t have a CPA right now so I have to take care of all the accounting work when it comes to Art & Ambition Studios. From paying taxes, getting profit/loss reports and checking over expenses, I can do it all from my Quickbooks app. The desktop version is just as great with charts to see how I’m spending my money and notifications when tax payments are coming up. Quickbooks was a fairly easy system for me to learn. They have a great walk through when you first sign up and after clicking on everything, you get the hang of how it works. Plans start as low as $10 a month but with my ambassador link you can get it for $5!


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Bills Manager  

I found out about this app from a fellow blogger. When it comes to keeping up with my bills I normally input everything into my phone’s calendar and also mark it in my planner. Even though those are good ways to be reminded, the Bill Manager app shows what bills are coming up which is my favorite feature. Visually you can color code your bills to help easily identify what kind of expense it is. For me, I have personal, business system, memberships and insurance as  my categories. I’ll probably go in later and recategorized them so that I can get a little more organized. The app also shows a section for bills you’ve already paid, whether their Autopay or manual payments and you can add notes like your account number and such. For a free app, it’s great! The premium version just removes the ads for what I can see which isn’t a biggie for me.


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When it comes to saving money Qapital is by far my favorite app. This app has a rule option where you can select some of their saving ones such as Payday (taking a percentage out of your paychecks), Round Up (saving changes from when you swipe your card), 52 Week Rule and many more. I chose to create my own “Set it & Forget it” rule saving $10 a day which connects to my bank account and transfers into the app daily. Biggest pro is it does have a threshold that if your bank account is below a certain balance it will not pull anything and pause your rule. It also has easily transfer so if you need to get the deposit money back into your account it take 2-3 business days. (Honestly, it has transferred the money back for me within 24hrs). This isn’t a free app as it does cost $3/monthly for the basic version, but for me, it’s worth it. 


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