Ambitious girl, you know who you are...

Adrienne or as most know her, Addie Rawr, is an modern artrepreneur focusing on uplifting women of color through her visuals and products. Addie Rawr began creating designs in 2012 while still attending classes at Virginia Commonwealth University leading to the development of Art & Ambition Studios LLC. Since a young girl growing up in Norfolk, VA, Addie was always interested in the arts and was never afraid to show her creative side. Years later, Addie is using her skills to paint unique colorful pieces and simple yet chic designs that she spreads across a array of merchandise. Traveling regularly to different cities as a vendor, speaker and sponsor, she also makes time to mentor other artist from all over. While she prides herself for being a social butterfly and go getter, Addie enjoys living a simply life of home cooking and personal time with her family & friends. 

Addie’s work has been traveling for her over the years gracing features of multiple magazines, collaborating with a various of subscription boxes and small brands. Addie has also had the pleasure of connect with Essence Magazine, being an artist vendor during Essence Festival 2018 along with her products being featured multiple times on their website. You also probably have seen her work featured on many popular outlets such as AfroPunk, XONecole, Blavity & Refinery29. Her partnership with Refinery29 lead her to pick up a project designing a custom pair of Ultra Boost X sneakers for Adidas 50 State project. As her work continues to grow, be on the look out for Addie Rawr products in a store near you. Check out all Addie’s Features here.


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